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Protexin Pro Kolin Enterogenic 4g x 30 Sachets
Package code: 00319326
Pack size: 30x4G

Protexin Prokolin Enterogenic Powder acts to reinforce the gut barrier improve/assist the gut immune system and normalize the balance of the good and bad bacteria in the gut (known as the microflora). Protexin Pro Kolin Enterogenic 30 x 4gm or 60 x 4gm.

Enterogenic helps to effectively manage long term gastrointestinal conditions, so that your pet can enjoy a happy, healthy life.

Pro Kolin Enerogenic helps to manage long term gastro intestinal sensitivities by:

* Reducing bowel inflammation.
* Repairing damaged intestinal tissue.
* Providing and supporting the beneficial bacteria needed to restore gut health.

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