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If you can't find the product you require or need any help with the registration process please contact us on:

Email: onlineshop@mypetportal.co.uk
Telephone: 01223 834102 Please see below details of common questions asked that may be of help when using our online shop.


How do I register?
Complete the registration form on the website, making sure that three out of the four fields are completed.
The email address is the one that will be used for all correspondence from the system, so please make sure that this is correct before selecting the final next button.

I have registered, but the site does not recognise me when I enter the details.
When you have received the confirmation that your registration has been completed, it is important that the password you have been issued with it typed into the required field, rather than using a copy and paste function.
The first time that you log into the site, you will be prompted to reset the password to something of your own choice.


Unable to order my pet’s medication
Your Vet must add a prescription to your pet’s records to allow you to order via our online shop.
If this is in place, this can be found by logging into the system and then viewing your pet’s records. Here there is a section valid prescription details. Here all your pet’s prescriptions are listed. To order, just click on the wording of the medication and then follow the on screen instructions.
Flea and worm treatment can be selected from the flea & worm treatments category.

Where will my order be delivered?
For most orders, you can select to collect the order from your practice or have it delivered directly.
The collect in practice option means that the order will be sent to your registered practice.  This is confirmed during the checkout stage.
Please allow 2 working days for these orders to be ready for collection.
The direct delivery option can be selected during the payment stages of the transaction. The default delivery address is your registered address, but this can be changed during the checkout process.
Please allow 3-4 working days for these items to be delivered.

How do I sign up to a health plan?
Once you have logged into the system, this can be done by selecting the health plan category from the home page.

The system will not process my payment
When completing a payment, please make sure that all fields are completed. The payment will not complete if any of these are left blank.
When inputting your card details, please make sure that these match exactly how they appear on your card.

How do I change my card information for my health plan payments?
There are two ways of updating your payment card:

1.By cancelling your subscription and starting a new one with your new card details.

2.When your monthly payment is due but the payment fails for reasons such as, your previous card has expired, an email will be sent to you informing you of this failure. After 24 hours the system will attempt this payment one more time. When this 2nd attempt fails another email is sent to you containing a renewal link. By directly clicking this link you can input your new card information.

If you require any further help or information, please contact us either by email on onlineshop@mypetportal.co.uk or telephone 01223 834102.

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